X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Safeway System is one of the biggest companies in China for supply, manufacturing, sales, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of x-ray mail, baggage, luggage, pallet cargo scanner.
On this page, it is expected that customers get necessary support during the purchase of our x-ray baggage scanner products. It consists of mainly the FAQ and product videos, including the videos for installation and maintenance.
1. How to select the right model of our x-ray scanners ?

X-Ray baggage scanner is our main product line, for the explosive, dangerous liquid, weapons, guns, knives, and other dangerous articles inspection and detection. We have more than 15 years of experience which help perfect the product quality and reliability. Moreover, we have in house strong R&D team, who can provide lifetime technical support and OEM, ODM solution for all customers.

From functionality, our x-ray baggage scanners include single view, dual view, 3D triple view imaging. One view means one x-ray generator screening. Dual view means the products are equipped with two x-ray generators, normally from horizontal and vertical scanning separately. 3D triple view means the x-ray scanner has three x-ray generators imaging, from different angles to give three different pictures, revealing the dangerous articles inside the baggage.

From operating system, we have windows operating system (window 7 or 10 available), and Linux operation system.
For windows system scanners, all of them are equipped with UK detector card and Hamamatsu detectors. So for high-end customers with enough budget like airports, terminals, railways, we recommend you choose the windows system scanners, with "AT" and "AT&B" in the model numbers.
For Linux system, although sharing the same appearance with "AT" products, inside we employ the local components made in China, with "TH" and "TH&A" in the model numbers, the scanners are much cheaper, yet with good quality and images, ideal for hotels, shopping malls, shoes factory, schools and other public places. "TH&A" is a single energy x-ray machine, even cheaper than "TH" dual energy series.

From the tunnel size, we divide the products into 4 categories.
For mails and small parcels, shoe boxes, laptop bags, purses, backpacks, the smallest AT4233 or AT4233A x-ray scanners are suitable.
For small handbags, packages, suitcases, hold cabin baggage in the airport, bus stations, hotels, shopping malls entrance or any checkpoint security inspection, 5030,6040 and 6550 series are applicable.
For medium to large baggage, luggage, suitcases, or small cargos, in the airport, bus stations, express, and logistics centers or any checkpoint security inspection, 8065.10080.100100 series are applicable.
For big airport pallet cargo, and large size of cargo boxes in logistics centers, 150180 security inspection system is applicable for a thorough penetration and screening.

Below are the quick links to review our products regarding the x-ray security inspection scanner. All the model numbers are named by letters + numbers. Letters stand for different series, numbers stand for tunnel size.
Customized series means we have the ability and service for the shell/case ODM design and production upon customers requests. Also, the electronics inside in SKD solution available, for those customers who would like to assemble the complete machines in their own country locally .


TH version but single nenergy inside


Imported detector cards, windows operating system


Imported detector cards, windows operating system


same appearance with AT series but Linux operating system and local detectors


6550 big
TH version but with a customized shell
Video 1: Installation for AT6550D
This is a video to teach you how to install our baggage scanning machine
Video 2: Vibration Test before shipping
This is to test the product reliability, especially for those to be in long transportation
Video 3: A Function show-grey level scan
A superior image quality you can see in our x-ray baggage scanners
Video 4: Reference Video
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport installed with our X-Ray baggage scanner AT100100. The video show our machine detect sunblock spray of a lady and the inspector ask the lady dispose before landing
Video 5: Installation Video for AT100100BI
AT100100Bi is a Higher conveyor height version for AT100100B.