Security X-Ray Scanners

Security X-Ray Scanners, include X-Ray baggage scanner, x-ray luggage scanner and x-ray scanning machine for big pallet cargo. It's the main produce line of our company with great advantages.

Production capacity is 30 000 units annually.

Linux and windows operating system available.

Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Cargo and vehicle inspection systems are applicable for ports and borders, airports, military and government, freight forwarding, high profile location, overall transportation, and travel industry etc.

Designed for inspection of vehicles for detection of contraband, illegal drugs, weapon and other dangerous objects

Standard energy include 200kv, 300kv and 1 Mev. Other energy type customized

Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk through metal detector, also called WTMD, Door shaped metal detector, which is for people screening and metal detection

Annual production capacity is 70 000 units. With exclusive patents and copyrights

Including indoor and outdoor use, with or without LCD screen, or portable style.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

The under vehicle surveillance system is for vehicle bottom security surveillance , it helps detect contraband and illegal goods at the bottom of the car quickly, it is faster and more accurate than the traditional car inspection mirror , greatly improving the speed and accuracy of the vehicle safety inspection, and reduce the input of human resources.

It is used in the airport, prisons, customs and others for the inspection of vehicles whether there are prohibited items.

There's two types for this product category: mobile one and fixed one.

Explosive and Narcotics Trace Detector

Explosive and Narcotics Trace Detector, adopt advanced PIMS technology (Photoionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry) , can detect black powder and all explosives & narcotics which are prohibited by ICAO.

Fashionable design and light weight, Top advanced PIMS technology, Extremely high sensitivity: can reach 100, Nanogram level

There's tabletop style and portable style for your option. It's originally developed and produced by Safeway

Dangerous Liquid Trace Detector

Dangerous Liquid Trace Detector adopt advanced technology: Ultra-wideband pulse microwave reflection method and thermal conductivity technology, to Identify chemical composition of liquids, which is sealed in bottle or can

More than 30 sorts dangerous liquid can be identified : Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil , hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , sodium hydroxide etc.

Originally developed and produced by Safeway. There's tabletop and handheld style for your option

Anti-Explosive Security Devices

Explosive Dispose Device gives a safe way for dispose explosives in urgent situation. It prevent the horizontal diffusion of shock waves and debris, when blasting. In this way, this device protects people and wealth surrounding.

It includes Explosvie Dispose Container, Explosvie Dispose ball and Explosive Dispose Fense

Originally developed and produced by Safeway

Handheld Metal Detector

Handheld metal detectors are convenient devices to locate hidden or lost metal objects in a small area, small and portable.

it mainly used for the security inspection in those important places, such as: Customs, airport and court.

Easy to use, portable, small and cheap ownership, make it most popular devices in security inspection

Road Blocker

Hydraulic road blocker makes up of one hydraulic air compressor, electric power control box and physical road blocker, Compatible with road barrier,turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control.

Hydraulic pressure is adjustable, the normal pressure should be adjustable below 50KGF, the maximum can not exceed 70KGF.

Clamshell height 635+-5mm, height and length of the size can be customized according to customer needs.

Tyre Killer

Hydraullic Anti-Terrorist Stainless Steel Tire Killer, are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base-station, custom ports and all requests to control vehicle in and out restrict traffic places.

The equipment is mainly composed of three parts, which are mainframe, motor control box, electric control.

Body size: the width of interceptors 3000-16000mm (customized according to customer requirements)

Hydraulic Rising Traffic Bollards

hydraulic road blocker/barricade series are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base-station, custom ports, banks, industrial and mining companies, ports, warehouse, parking and all requests to control vehicle in and out restrict traffic places.

Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable,Easy integrate to other systems

Advanced mature Low pressure hydraulic drive technologies,high reliability, security and stability.