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August 31, 2017


AT3000 is mobile under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS)

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Product Description

AT3000 is mobile under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS). The under vehicle surveillance system is our product for vehicle bottom security surveillance , it helps detect contraband and illegal rendition at the bottom of the car quickly, it is faster and more accurate than the traditional car inspection mirror , greatly improving the speed and accuracy of the vehicle safety inspection, and reduce the input of human resources.



It is used in the airport, prisons, customs and other government departments, and large public places’ parking lot for the inspection of vehicles whether there are prohibited items.
It is used to security check for large-scale activities, exhibition entrance and exit .
It is used for security, explosion, the safety of the bottom of the vehicle inspection.


Scanned Images





Product Data

Using the black and white/color wire array CCD scanning technology dynamic mode imaging

Scanning resolution

≥ 2048 wire CCD / ≥4096 wire CCD

Time of image saving or loading


Image display mode

horizontal display

Image data transmission interface


the function of retrieval with images

According to date, time, license plate number and other information to retrieve the stored car
and license plate images

The function of Auto Picture

When the vehicle passes through the car scanner at 1-65km/h,After the vehicle passes, the system
displays the image in the 1S,When the vehicle remains stationary in the scanner image collection area
for a certain period of time and then continues through the car scanner, the car bottom image is
displayed intact

The speed of inspected vehicle

<1-60km/h, best ≤30k m / h

Image resolution

≥2028 pixels CCD/ ≥4096 pixels CCD

Effictive field view


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