August 29, 2017
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August 30, 2017


AT2900 is designed as a passenger vehicles and small cargo (including minibuses) screening system.  Drive-through, gantry type, equipped with 200kv x-ray generator, easily deployed.

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Product Description

Product Family of Cargo & Vehicle Inspection System
NO Model Scanning Target Scanning mode X-Ray Voltage Peneration Leadtime
1 AT2600 Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passenger Drive-through 160-200kv 42-48 mm steel 1-2 month
2 AT2800 Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passenger conveyor moving 300kv 65-75 mm steel 3-4 months
3 AT2900 Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passenger Drive-through 200kv 42-48 mm steel 2-3 month
4 AT2910 Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passenger conveyor moving 300kv 65-75 mm steel 3-4 months
5 AT8100 Big ContainerTrucks or Vehicls, cargo conveyor moving 6 Mev 300-350 mm steel 6 months above




AT 2900 is designed as a passenger vehicles and small cargo (including minibuses) screening system. Due to its flexibility and compact design it can fit into most entrance portals and can be used discreetly to scan visitors to high security locations. The product is part of the cargo and vehicle inspection system family of products that complies with the ANSI 43.17 regulations for general use body scanners. With its ultralow radiation dose it is an effective solution for scanning vehicles with passengers and drivers.



* State-of-the-art low-dose 200 kV X-ray scanner with 3 m x 3 m portal-shaped detection system for inspection of occupied passenger vehicle, designed with innovative “drivethrough” technology;
* Designed for inspection of cars for detection of contraband, illegal drugs, weapon and other dangerous objects;
* Designed for operation at trafc control points and other places where total 100% cars inspection is necessary.



Drive-thru technology
Occupied vehicle scanning capability: passengers can stay in their cars during scanning process, driving them under their own power through the inspection portal.

Small footprint
The deployment of the AT2900 requires a relatively small ground surface without special requirements for additional infrastructure.

High penetration
The AT2900 produces high-quality X-ray images of inspected objects through 20 mm of steel at car speeds of 10 km/h.

High quality X-ray images
To ensure proper detectability of the concealed objects, the AT2900 produces images with the 2% of the contrast sensitivity and 0.8mm copper wire detection capability.

Dual energy imaging
The AT2900 has an automatic color coding for materials separation (3 colors) feature allowing distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials. This feature helps the operator to
detect dangerous object from the various materials.

Radiation safety
The AT2900 ensures the low dose for driver and passenger operation (complies with ANSI 43.17 standard) as well as protection of the operator. The inspection portal is equipped with the video
surveillance system to avoid the inspection of the passer-by’s.

Automatic recognition of the licence plate number (option)
With the additional camera (option) the AT2900 is able to identify and store the licence plate number of each scanned vehicle.

Under vehicle surveillance system (option)
Upon request, the AT2900 can be provided with the under vehicle surveillance system for under-vehicle inspection







Product Data
Tunnel size

3(L) * 3(H)m (customized)

Scanning Speed(km/h)


Typical throughput

150 vehicles / hour

Equipment size

4.8(L) * 4.9(W) * 3.75(H) M


Typical 45mm steel, application 25mm steel

Wire Resolution

Dia 1.2mm copper wire

X-Ray generator

200KV, oil cooling, from side

Image Enhancement

Color/BW, negative,high/lowpenetration, organic /inorganic , Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color,etc.