Another New Shell Design for X-Ray Machine

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August 5, 2019
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October 18, 2019

Another New Shell Design for X-Ray Machine

Another new shell design for x-ray baggage scanners is ready for mass production !

For more product details, you can refer to this page:

Product Image
Beautiful and elegant.



Till now, totally we have 4 designs for our x-ray security machines, with model numbers starting with AT&TH, AT&B, ZA and HT respectively.


  1. AT and TH share the same design


       2. AT&B is a different design



     3. ZA series is a new design from the end of 2017



    4. HT is a new design we released this year.



The different outlook designs don’t make the difference as to the functions.  For each function level, we have 4 outlook shells for your option.
You’re free to choose anyone you like.
As one of the largest manufacturers in China, specialized for producing the x-ray baggage, parcel, luggage, cargo, and vehicle inspection scanner,
we have a strong R&D team, periodically updating the hardware and software of our products.
OEM and ODM business are welcome!


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