2018 Spring Festival Annual Party and Chairman’s Speech

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2018 Spring Festival Annual Party and Chairman’s Speech

Safeway Inspection System Limited, held 2018 Spring Festival Annual Party in a traditional way.聽More than 500 people in our company gathered together for a wonderful dinner. Colleagues from each department performed their creative programs.
Here we share with you the speech of our chairman delivered in the party, which summarizes our operating performance of last year, how we see the聽current international and domestic business environment, and our goals in future.


Work together to build a world-class technology innovation enterprise

Safeway System is not alone in the fight, it is the unity of all employees of the company, fighting side by side
The performance in 2018 remained stable and the quality of orders improved significantly.
In 2018, as expected last year, the market remained at a high level. Government demands such as Xinjiang, logistics shrank sharply. However our total contract value has not decreased. Among them, the sudden emergence of the subway and railway demands is a highlight. The total contract value of the subway and railway is 200 million yuan, which makes up for the decline in policy demand. The rise of high-end subways and railways not only greatly improved the quality of orders, but also effectively endorsed the brand of safeway system, which enhanced the popularity and reputation of safeway system in the whole industry.
Continue to maintain the full line, full range of market competitiveness
In fact, in the past year, Safeway System continued to maintain its full line of competitiveness in the core product line. X-ray baggage scanners, explosives detection, liquid detection, vehicle inspection system, security doors are hot and popular. At the same time, in the face of different levels of opponents, we also maintain a full range of competitiveness, this is the team’s victory!
If you have a dream in the security inspection industry, never give up and you’ll deserve all the efforts.聽
In 2018, the economic situation has undergone a major turning point. When the United States began to raise interest rates, trade protectionism began to rise, bringing violent shocks to the world.聽 The stock has fallen sharply, the Internet has begun to lay off employees, the Internet finance has been swindled, the sharing economy has been horrible, and the direct sales have collapsed. In fact, for China’s real economy, the golden age of China’s technological innovation has really come! The ZTE incident, what happened to Huawei tells us that our bubble economy is only a castle in the air, and the threat and intimidation of Chuanpu just gave the people of the whole country a lesson, so that everyone knows that there is no underlying core technology such as chips. It is to be beaten, the views of the whole society are changing, the bubble is fading, and technological innovation is on the rise! 2018 is the year that people who insist on their ideals prove themselves, and the good news is that this is just the beginning of the year!
Technology innovation is the first priority
Safeway System has been insisting on the security inspection industry for 15 years and has been striving to make products and strive for technological innovation! All employees are outstanding and 聽Adhere to technology-oriented. 2019 we’ll increase investment in research and development. More Technical talents and managers will be recruited. R & D rewards and punishments policy should be reasonable and complete, to give R & D personnel bonuses and material rewards.
The future direction of security inspection is intelligent
In 2019, we will continue to increase the width and depth of the product line. The increase in width refers to the continued development of food security inspection, industrial inspection, poison gas poisoning, biochemical and nuclear material inspection, and large flow security inspection doors. Yes, from the middle to the technical level, it is not difficult, it can increase profits, and we will accumulate wealth for the development of technology. The depth of technology is unquestionable. It is artificial intelligence and big data. Everyone knows the pain points of security screening. Explosives and dangerous liquids, as well as knife and guns, in general, most dangerous goods can not automatically alarm, or can automatically alarm, but inaccurate, there are serious underreporting and false positives, the direction to solve these problems must be artificial intelligence and big data!
Finally, I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work for one year. As long as there is a New Year, there is a expectation; as long as there is a New Year, there will be endless growth. Let us catch up with life from the New Year’s minutes and seconds, and make the magnificence more magnificent, brilliant and more brilliant. Let us learn to love in the morning light of the New Year, love our loved ones, love our friends, and love our cause is the ordinary and great work. Congratulations to everyone “pig” year, family happiness!


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